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What On Earth Is God Doing?

A prophetic study exploring what God is doing right here and now!

What On Earth Is God Doing?

Events around the world indicate God is ready to do some spectacular things to draw our attention to what is really important for us. Join Pastor Jim as he leads us in a prophetic study that explores the following questions:

  • what are all the ways God can speak to me?
  • why are prophets proliferating as never before?
  • How does God speak to us through prophets?
  • How can I hear God and know it's really Him?
  • Isn't reading the Bible all I need to do?
  • Has God anointed a controversial new Bible translation?
  • Is God speaking to nations and also speaking to me?
  • Why does the Church need to battle in Spirit for God's will to be done?

Wednesdays from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm starting October 20th.

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